CPH Shelter is a Danish housing product designed as an answer to global housing challenges.



CPH Shelter is made of shipping containers and can be transported easily and cheaply across the globe. We offer a plug and play solution where you do not have to worry about foundations or electrical, heating or sanitary conditions on your piece of land. You avoid having to dig into the ground, making it easy to set up and move in the future.



CPH Shelter can be converted easily and inexpensively. The homes can be merged, divided and reshaped over time as needs change. Single housing can be reshaped to family or senior housing. This flexibility makes CPH Shelter a safe long-term residential investment.

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CPH Shelter is a low-energy house, designed for the circular economy. The house is built with sustainable and upcyclede materials without chemical surfaces and it be dismantled and reused. CPH Shelter has a 80% lower CO2 footprint in the production phase than traditional buildings.

“CPH Shelter is created out of a Scandinavian design tradition. The meeting between Danish architecture and craftsmanship and nordic and organic materials has resulted in a quality product, where simplicity, health and functionalism go hand in hand. CPH Shelter is in other words, a counterpart to other buildings of today, which in recent decades has grown in size but not in quality.”


Breathable home without chemistry

CPH Shelter built with organic and breathable materials which ensure natural ventilation, the result is that damp and dirty air always gets out of the house. The house is not painted inside, thereby avoiding fumes from the paint. Finally, there built-in an award-winning ventilation system in CPH Shelter, which measures and ensures that the air quality in the house is healthy and good.

Honest aestetics

In CPH Shelter materials and construction details are visible and accessible. This makes it easier and cheaper to separate materials and change and reuse individual components or rebuild parts of the house. The simple construction also means that inhabitants can undertake part of the maintenance, which reduces the total cost of the house.

Intelligently furnished

CPH Shelter is furnished with kitchen, bath and integrated and multi-functional cabinet and storage space to maximize the house’s living room. The smart interior provide extra living space, and ensure the feeling of a spacious home that is comfortable to be in, and where it is easy to clean up and store things.

“We have combined the best from the shipping container with the qualities of the Danish design and building tradition. The result is CPH Shelter”

CPH Shelter is built based on a principle of “upcycling” – the art of refining worn-out resources. The house can be disassembled and reused again in the future. CPH Shelter In other words, a product made ​​with an eye for the circular economy.

Worn-out shipping containers is an obvious starting point for a modern and upcycled house. They are robust, flexible and portable and has in many years piled up in tens of thousands in Europe’s ports. Each year, Maersk Line alone takes 80,000 used containers out of their fleet.

Upcycling as a building principle is not only good for the environment, it also provides a unique story for each home. A container ship is in average sailing three times around the world every year and containers are taken out of the fleet after about 14-20 years. The containers has therefore approximately 50 trips around the globe in the belt before they are upcycled to CPH Shelters.

CPH Shelter is built to blur the distinction between “inside” and “outside”. With the combination of roof terraces and the large terrace on the ground level, CPH Shelter provides a great opportunity to live green. The integrated “winter garden” is a special example of a room that creates the opportunity for a rich outdoor life. From ground level, you can via a staircase enter the winter gardens second level, on the house’s first floor. Here is space for a garden table and chairs and an extensive urban farming. An ideal meeting place between friends and neighbors.

The winter garden is insulated with a modern four-layer polycarbonate and increases the time of the year that can be spent outdoors. Both in the early spring and late fall the conservatory will be snug and comfortable to live in. If you put a light source in the conservatory after dark, the winter garden appears as a warm lantern from afar. The conservatory can be build with views to all four corners of the world through a north-facing window with sky light, an east-facing glass door to capture the morning sun, an elongated window that provide a broad look to the south, while the large west-facing window gives a look straight off into the sunset.




Nominated by the Danish Association of Architects for the initiative which has lifted and inspired architecture most in Copenhagen in 2015.


Nominated for “Most Idealistic Startup” and “Startup with Greatest Potential for International Success” in Denmark in 2015.


Winner of world championships in creative entrepreneurship 2015 in the category “Sustainable Living”.


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